How the Compression Sensory Bed Sheet and Thearpy Swing Were created

From Laceandfabric to Sensory Therapy Shop


Our business started out in 1995 selling fabric at reasonable prices from mills and factories on our website Along the way we learned to sew as a hobby and added designer wedding accessories to our list of products.



In 2000 a family member was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It was surprising how expensive and limited the selection of sensory products were online and in therapy stores. When asked if we could create and design better sensory items, we said "of course!". Since we had contact with factories and mills we knew our fabric was of higher quality than what was on the market. Our sewing skills and industrial sewing machines were second to none. After many years of using as our website name, we recently updated it to make it easier for people to find us.


In 2002 my mother created the Lycra ® compression sensory bed sheet  that have caught on like nothing I have ever seen. Sensory sensitive kids crave compression against their skins. Mom believed having pressure against the skin at night would be better than the weighted blankets that were being used. We received so many positive responses from customers that had not had a peaceful nights sleep in years. Many said, weighted blankets were hot and were easily kicked off at night. With Sleep Tight Compression® Bed Sheets none of these would happen. 

 We also have access to special lycra that we used to develop a Therapy Swing that gives the feeling on being in cocoon. You will not find a better selection of compression bed sheet swing


Just recently we decided to change our name from to We believe in making high quality products from  fabric made in the USA and passing on the savings to our customers. That makes our products affordable for every family. After viewing other sensory products we found companies that seem to be taking advantage of people in need of help.  Sensory items should NOT be priced out of the reach of anyone. We try to pass on what we have learned and donate our products to many non-profit organizations and work with social groups.