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SUMMER SalE: Combo Swing and Bed Sheet $99


SensoryTherapyShop. com Products and Supplies for Autism Autistic and those on the spectrum compression bed sheets swings

Each item is custom Made in the USA

Affordable High Quailty Products

We are able to make sensory Swings, Body Socks,  Compression Bed Sheets and our other sensory items more affordable and of higher quality because we use fabric and materials direct from factories in the USA and passing the saving on to our customers.

Original Compression Bed Sheets Sleep Tight

 We are the original creators and manufacturers of “Sleep Tight“ Compression  Bed Sheets. We use only the best materials and construction so your child will have a restful night.

There are knock offs  that charge more and use cheaper fabric from overseas that do not give the compression ours do.  We are so happy that our invention has changed the lives of many people that had sleepless nights.

Made with Children in mind

Made in the USA, with fabric from the USA and Children in mind. We collaborate with teachers and OTs to improve our products to make your‘s and your child’s life easier.

Featured Products

Uses for our Stretchable Products


From Talent Shows to Flash Mobs

Silly Sacks are popular and unique. They can be used for anything your imagination can come up with. From Talent shows to a Flash Mob Proposal in  Madison Square Park, New York, the only limit is your imagination. Follow this link to an article on the flash mob Click Here

Sensory Therapy Autism Autistic Swing Cocoon Cuddle Swing OT Occupational Therapist Airwalker

Sensory Therapy Cuddle Swing

The heavy-duty stretchable  fabric provides sensory pressure all over and  creates a fun, private space to bounce, swing, spin or just lie motionless while enjoying  the movement. You will find every color available and  you can personalize your swing with your choices.

multi color tunnel sensory issues autism autistic adht

Schools, Hospitals and Therapists

We work closely with OTs and Teachers. If you have any custom designs you need or ideas to improve our products let us know. We also take Purchase Orders.


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